Welcome to the website of Redstone Exploration Services Ltd.,

This page was designed with a dual purpose in mind: it is the business page of 'Redstone' - a geological consultancy focused on the exploration, discovery, and development of mineral resources, principally base and precious metal deposits.

It also has the ambition of becoming a website sharing with the broad geoscientific community some useful tools and internet links, and in particular disseminating the knowledge of ore deposits, which are the focus of our interest.

Please take the time to explore this website, which is still under construction, and feel free to share with us your comments and suggestions or any questions you may have.

As the Industry is slowly emerging from a downturn period, we are at the very moment vigorously working on the expansion of our consultancy, which we want to make an established brand that stands out among its competitors. If a motto were to characterize us, it shall be: "We’re not here just for the advising, we’re here for the actual doing".

I hope you will find our website of interest to you,

Mike Mlynarczyk

REDSTONE = Global experience in a variety of mineral deposit types and geological terrains