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Redstone Exploration Services Ltd. is a small geological consultancy focused on the exploration, discovery, and development of mineral resources - principally base and precious metal deposits. With an established office in Krakow, Poland and a contact point to soon open in Spain, we are conveniently located to operate in both Eastern/Southern Europe and in Spain / North Africa. In addition, we also have a keen interest in projects located in Latin America. Owing to our skilled, multilingual staff, we are at ease to operate in a broad range of foreign jurisdictions. In particular, in the last five years we have been very active in Morocco and Poland, and for each country have built a large database of geological, metallogenical, and regulatory information, as well as excellent contact networks. We believe that in many worldwide exploration projects the most important work, such as core logging, is commonly done by the least experienced staff and that due to poor management a lot of the mineral potential never gets unlocked. Just think of the many drill holes that never reached the target horizon or the highly-ranked drill targets that never got drilled. We offer to bridge this gap and add value to your project through the application of robust mineral science, sound management and good leadership, strong determination, and lots of boot leather. A complete list of our services is provided in the "Our Business" section.

mineral exploration consulting - 28

Statement of values

The staff of Redstone has a firm committment to the highest professional standards of the minerals industry. Our goal is a timely and cost-effective completion of the tasks undertaken, while ensuring in the same time a superior quality of our services. We achieve this by careful planning, the hard work of our skilled, experienced professionals, and a proactive attitude, focused on solutions rather than challenges. We take pride in our work and its diligent execution, and our integrity and reputation is of the greatest matter to us. We strive to conduct our work with genuine respect, understanding, and friendliness with regard to the local communities and their culture, and in an environmentally sound manner. We are also dedicated to the best health & safety work standards, which we impart on all of our staff, associates, and collaborating contractors. Last, but not least, we love the work we do, and this is what gives us the guts and the passion to work hard, so as to (metaphorically) 'leave no stone unturned'.

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The Company possesses all the standard geological equipment necessary for conducting advanced fieldwork, as well as the software typically used in mineral exploration consulting. We are committed to implementing the latest technological solutions that can make exploration more performant and cost effective, something that we work on a regular basis with our associates and partner companies (see the section ‘Our Partners’).

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Geological Library

We dispose of one of the largest private geological libraries in Europe, comprising among others about 1,000 book titles with direct relation to ore deposits and mineral exploration, as well as 20 (international) geological journal titles, many of which are available as complete hardcopy runs (for list click here). The full list of book titles, searchable by authors/titles/subjects/and commodities is in itself an excellent bibliographic reference and can be accessed here.