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We offer a wide range of services, reflecting our broad geological interests and the diverse expertise of our team. Additional services are provided by associated geologists, available on short notice, as well as specialized services companies (see the section ‘Our Partners’). In general, we get involved with projects from grassroots exploration to the pre-feasibility stage located in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, and these can range from a simple property evaluation and 43-101 technical report preparation to running and managing entire exploration programs, depending on the client's needs. The detailed list of our services includes:

  • Regional reviews of mineral exploration opportunities and project generation,
  • Country reviews of mineral policy, mining code, and permitting procedures,
  • Reconnaissance, prospecting, and detailed geological/structural mapping,
  • QP/CP due diligence site visits and property evaluations,
  • Technical and NI 43-101 report preparation,
  • Development and permitting of base/precious metals exploration portfolios,
  • Technical supervision of exploration programs,
  • Full implementation and management of exploration programs, including:
    • Establishing field operation bases in foreign jurisdictions,
    • Recruitment of local/expatriate crews,
    • Liaising with regulatory authorities / maintaining land tenement in good standing,
    • Survey design (geochemistry & geophysics) and orientation studies,
    • Geochemical sampling (shallow soil / deep overburden / rock / stream sediment),
    • Design and logistics of geophysical surveys,
    • 3D data capture, GIS processing, data analysis and modeling,
    • Conceptual and drill target generation,
    • Management of drill site operations / logistical support,
    • Drill core handling/comprehensive core logging/sampling and extensive QAQC,
    • Data collection, validation, integration, and interpretation,
    • Baseline environmental geochemical studies,
    • Stakeholder relations,
    • Investor relations and project promotion.
  • Reviewing and auditing exploration programs,
  • Training staff in ore deposits and mineral exploration (English/French/Polish)
  • Ore and thin section petrography / electron microprobe analysis,
  • Reviews of geological literature for specific topics/information,
  • Geological translation services (English-French-Spanish-Polish),
  • Conference / workshop / short course preparation.