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Bankers - Alior Bank S.A., Krakow
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We maintain a database of worldwide Resumes, which we consider based on their merit and project availability.

As it is 'boot leather that makes discoveries', the principal requirement for our geological staff is the willingness to get down to the rocks and get dirty. Needless to say, a genuine passion for geology is another obvious prerequisite (a good sign that you qualify is if you cannot prevent yourself from bringing in your backpack a few rocks every time you go in the field), as well as the love of nature, adventure, travel, and an outdoorsy lifestyle. Fluent knowledge of a second language is a must, as are high work ethics, discipline, a sense of responsibility, character (i.e., having guts), dedication, proactiveness, a geological background, general fitness & good health, a full clean driver's licence, and the ability to work on ones' own as well as part of a large team.

We guarantee genuine professional development and advanced training to our staff. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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