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Mike Mlynarczyk - Qualifications

I deeply agree with the thought, on which Murray Hitzman commented a while ago (SEG Newsletter no.84) that: “He who sees the most rocks wins”, and I do concur with Brent Cook’s view that Ph.D. degrees don’t necessarily make good exploration geologists. Nevertheless, such degrees represent many years’ of very hard work, are a milestone in one’s never-ending learning process, and also are an achievement in which one should take pride. For this reason, as well as to encourage the younger generation to seek the exciting path to knowledge (as opposed to solely seeking ‘big bucks’), I chose to list my credentials below. I also wanted to take this opportunity to express my respect and gratitude to my two Alma Mater’s: the University of Warsaw in Poland and McGill University in Montreal, Canada, as well as to my respective mentors during my time in Academia: Prof. Andrzej Kozlowski and Prof. Anthony ‘Willy’ Williams-Jones.

The learning process continues forever...

WMS Senior Mgmt Course

Group picture from the Senior Exploration Management Course, 2010, SEG Headquarters in Littleton, US